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Who We Are

The mission of Atom Services limited is the delivery of a blended learning environment which provides career growth and development.

It will be the objective of our Training department to transfer knowledge and skills and develop a professional attitude in the trainees.

Atom Services Ltd will identify trends and developments in all industries and translate these into improvements and adjustments to the training courses and the introduction of new programmes.

We aim to constantly redefine the training centre’s courses, reworking the contents to the correct objectives, designing methods best suited to the individual needs of the learners, and put these new methods and ways of working into practice.

Our Values


People are integral to our business. We invest in the people we work with and care about what we do.

Value For Money

We pride ourselves on delivering the best service at the best price with no impact on quality every time.

Quality Assurance

A job worth doing is worth doing well. We ensure that the quality of services meet and exceed our high standards.

Continuous Improvement

To streamline processes whilst striving for business and staff development