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  • Bicycle Maintenance Course

    Learn all aspects of general bicycle maintenance with this highly interactive course. It’s a complete guide to general maintenance and repair and is perfect whether you’re a hardened commuter…

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  • British Citizenship Diploma

    This important short course is designed for those who want to join the multi-cultural, multi-talented population of citizens that make Britain great. There is much more to British citizenship…

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  • Cupcake Baking

    Baking is a method of cooking food, usually bread and cakes, that uses prolonged exposure to heat in an oven to cook dough or batter into a baked good….

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  • Effective Planning and Scheduling

    Anyone who has ever worked in projects, or in groups in general, will know the importance of effective planning and scheduling. This course will teach you the basics of…

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  • Furniture Restoration

    You will learn to recognise various types of wood and learn the best types of paint and varnishes to use on them. Step-by-step guides will cover everything from performing…

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  • The Ultimate Floristry Diploma Level 2

    Floristry is a much in demand, exciting and satisfying profession. And whether you want to work in a shop, create displays for businesses and events, or set up…

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  • Vlogging Diploma Course

    Are you a writer or a rambler? If you’re the latter, and love to talk about your latest passions, projects and daily life, why not consider becoming a vlogger?…

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