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After Effects CS6: Introduction & New Features


Learn from the After Effects giant Brian Maffitt and Get to grips with the CS6 version of Adobe After Effects. Learn the industry-standard video-compositing, motion-graphics-design and animation tool from.

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Get to grips with the CS6 version of Adobe After Effects – an industry standard application when it comes to video-compositing, motion graphics design and animation. Whether you’re a professional designer wishing to delve into a new area, or you enjoy the topic as a hobby, learning the fundamental elements of the After Effects software can help you to broaden your knowledge and boost your confidence whilst using the tool.

The Use of After Effects

Used in post-production filmmaking and video productions, After Effects is an essential tool if you wish to key, track, rotoscope, composite or animate your production to give it the individual flair to stand out. Whether you’re doing this as a project for the business you work for, or you’re doing it for fun during your spare time, Adobe After Effects can help to ensure that your multimedia projects are completed with professionalism and expertise.

Study the Latest Features

As part of the online course, you will study some of the latest features that are part of the CS6 version of the application, including the Global Performance Cache, 3D Camera Tracker, Ray-traced 3D, Variable Mask Feathering and Rolling Shutter Repair. You can expect the training to take an average of 1.5 hours, but this can often depend on the individual and how often you wish to go over the material to ensure that the information is absorbed. The course will be available to you for 12 months after signup, so you will have more than enough time to complete it without worrying about impending deadlines.

Key Learning Points

Specifically designed for those interested in the features of After Effects and how to use them, this Adobe course will ensure that students can prove their proficiency with the tool, and will be a great addition to their CV, which could see them landing a sought-after job with ease. It would also suit those who enjoy learning something new as a hobby, as well as amateur video producers who would like to give their films a professional edge.

  • Learn more about the basic terminology that you will meet during the use of the course and the software.
  • Get to grips with the various panels that you will learn how to use, including the project, flowchart, composition and layer panels.
  • Explore the new features that have been added to the CS6 version and learn more about their functions.
  • Learn how to work in 3D, including bendable footage, composition layers and the new 3D camera tracker.
  • Learn how to optimise the product for high performance.
  • Introduce yourself to the new Ray-traced 3D composition renderer, which can alter the reflections, transparency and environment maps.
  • Explore variable mask feathering and its importance, and how this function can create dazzling effects.
  • Learn how to access fast previews to help you to monitor your production and see what else needs to be done to create the best result.
  • Learn how to transform a 2D layer into an Environment Layer and be able to define an Environment Map.

Advantages of this coures

  • The content is delivered to you in manageable chunks, to increase the chance of knowledge retention.
  • Interactive simulations enable you to learn by doing, a recognised way of learning and retaining information.
  • Printable reference guides and exercises mean you’ll fly through the course material with ease.
  • Test yourself with skills assessments, including multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank tests, to help monitor your progress.
  • Full technical support should you run into difficulties.
  • Add a new element of computer expertise to your CV and employee skillset.
  • Give your amateur filmmaking hobby a boost – or develop your skills as a professional to include the new features of After Effects CS6.
  • Increase your job prospects, build your confidence and improve your After Effects skills for work or play.

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After Effects Training 1.5 hours

  • Basic workflow and terminology
  • Project and Flowchart Panels
  • Composition and Layer Panels
  • The Timeline
  • The Preview Panel
  • Enhanced performance
  • New and updated effects
  • Working in 3D
  • Optimizing for high performance
  • Global Performance Cache
  • 3D Camera Tracker
  • Introduction to Ray-traced 3D
  • Ray-traced 3D, extruded text, and shapes
  • Variable Mask Feathering, Part 1
  • Variable Mask Feathering, Part 2
  • 3D Bendable Footage and Composition Layers
  • 3D Environment Map
  • 3D New Material options
  • Fast draft preview renderer
  • Fast previews
  • Layer Bounding Boxes and Selection Indicators
  • Vector Footage Art-to-Shape conversion with ILCS6
  • Rolling Shutter Repair