Care Certificate Standard 7: Privacy and Dignity Online Course


Welcome to Atom Training online Care Certificate Standard 7 ? Privacy and Dignity training course. This privacy and dignity e-learning course was developed to meet the required learning outcomes in the Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

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Care Certificate Standard 7: Privacy and Dignity in Care

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This privacy and dignity in care online can be taken as a CPD course as well as part of our care standard full package.

Learners will benefit from our Cheap Care Certificate Standard 7: Privacy and Dignity Online Course because it motivates Healthcare Workers to promote and uphold the privacy, dignity, rights, health and well being of people who use health and care services and their carers.

It is important to realize that the safeguarding and well being of individuals are very important. Therefore, it is important that you should get to know each individual; their background and ideas, wishes, likes as well as dislikes.

You should:
In general, you should provide personalised care and support that puts an individual at the centre of their care.
You should enable them to be as independent as possible and also respect their privacy and dignity.

Patient Privacy: giving someone space where and when they need it.

Patient Dignity: focusing on the value of every individual, including:
1. Respecting their views, choices and also their decisions
2. As a result, not making assumptions about how they want to be treated
3. Working with care and also compassion
4. Communicating directly with the individual equally

Learning Outcomes

Understand the key principles of patient privacy as well as dignity in care
Describe the methods of maintaining the privacy and dignity of individuals
Understanding the individual?s right to make choices and also supporting them to make decisions about their care
Understand how to promote as well as supporting active participation
Support the individual in active participation in their own care

Course Duration

30 – 60 Minutes

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