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Cup Cake Academy Level 2 Diploma


Master the art of cupcake baking and decorating with the Cup Cake Academy course. Delicious, practical and beautiful, the course is a complete introduction to baking cakes and even setting up a business to sell them.

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Master the art of cupcake baking and decorating with this Cup Cake Academy course. Delicious, practical and beautiful, the course is a complete introduction to baking cakes and even setting up a business to sell them.

This course is an ideal training choice for:

  • Hobbyist bakers wanting to learn new skills and expand their knowledge.
  • Experienced cupcake bakers and decorators looking for a certification to prove their skills.
  • Bakers interested in learning how to set up a cupcake making business.

Students who complete the Cupcake Academy training course will learn the fundamentals of baking, along with key techniques and technologies for improving the standard of their cakes. From how to choose the right supplied and equipment, to costing and budgeting for batches of cakes, participants will also learn about the principles of running a successful cupcake baking business. By the end of the course participants will have learned all the skills required to bake and decorate beautiful cupcakes, and how to build a business around them.

The Cupcake Academy course consists of 20 in-depth modules which students complete at their own pace using the online course materials. Each module is accompanied by practical examples and tests that students can complete in their own kitchens, while interactive courseware, quizzes and videos are used to demonstrate key learning points. End of module tests allow students to check their own progress and ensure they have grasped each learning objective before moving on.

The Cupcake Academy course also provides students with access to the online learning and networking platform. From here they can complete coursework, or discuss topics and recipes with their fellow students using the supplied social tools. This is a great way to learn even more about the fine art of cupcake baking and improve skills beyond the limits of the course.

Key learning points

The Cupcake Academy is designed for complete beginners – the only requirement is an interest in baking and decorating cakes. Students will be taken through the basics of baking, to choosing the tools they need for great bakes, to selling their cakes for profit.

The Cupcake Academy course modules cover a number of subject areas including:

  • Introducing the fundamentals of cake baking, and building a business around those skills.
  • Building a portfolio to show potential clients.
  • Meeting clients and understanding their needs when completing a professional baking job.
  • Choosing the right baking supplies to ensure perfect cakes.
  • The kitchen equipment needed for a professional home baking business.
  • Pricing baking jobs and costing batches to ensure a healthy profit.
  • Creating and maintaining a stock of basic ingredients for every job.
  • Delicious cupcake recipes that can be customised according to your client’s wishes, along with variations to account for allergies or food preferences.
  • Baking and decorating specialist birthday, wedding and Christmas cakes.
  • Fundamental baking techniques.
  • Mastering various types of icing and decoration.
  • Advanced decorating techniques, like piping, rosettes and embellishments.
  • Learning how to administer and advertise a cake baking business.
  • Health, safety and hygiene responsibilities that need to be addressed to meet legal standards.
  • Managing business accounts, tax and VAT.
  • Hiring and training staff to support your growing business.

By the end of the course, participants will have not only mastered cake baking and running a business, but they will also have earned a certificate proving their skills.

advantages of this course

From absolute beginners to experienced bakers, the Cupcake Academy course helps students develop their skills, and gives them the confidence they need to build a successful cupcake business.

Learners can expect to benefit from:

  • A complete understanding of cake recipes and baking fundamentals, giving them the confidence to create their own, or to work as part of a baking team.
  • The business skills required to build a new company from scratch and help it grow.
  • Advanced baking and decorating skills, allowing them to charge a premium for their cakes.
  • A qualification that confirms their abilities, making it easier to secure a job or to prove competence to clients.

The Cupcake Academy course will help novice bakers develop the skills they need to begin selling cakes. And for entrepreneurs, the course contains all the information they need to begin building a successful baking business empire.


  • About Creating Winning Recipes
  • About Baking and Decorating
  • About Running and Marketing Your Business
  • How to Decide on a Niche
  • Plus much more…
Meeting Clients/ Establishing Requirements for Jobs
  • Why you should arrange a meeting with potential clients
  • About what you should include in your portfolio
  • How to dig into the details to make sure nothing is missed
  • When you should plan to talk again with the client to finalise details
  • Plus much more…
Supplies and Equipment Needed
  • Deciding on the Right Supplies
  • Baking and Cake Decorating Supplies
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Quality versus Savings
  • Plus much more…
Pricing, Ingredients & Budgeting
  • How to work out the cost of materials per batch
  • About surcharges for special ingredients
  • How to work out what your time is worth
  • What basic ingredients you will need
  • Plus much more…
Cupcakes & Muffins
  • Finding a recipe and making it your own
  • Vegan cupcake recipes
  • Muffin recipes
  • How to cater for large orders of cupcakes and muffins
  • Plus much more…
Birthday Cakes
  • How to find the perfect birthday cake recipe
  • About fillings for birthday cakes
  • Healthier cake recipes you can try
  • Icing ideas you can try
  • Plus much more…
Wedding Cakes
  • About finding the perfect recipe for wedding cakes
  • What fillings are popular
  • What you need to find out from your client at the initial consultation
  • How to price and promote your wedding cake service
  • Plus much more…
Christmas Cakes
  • About finding the perfect Christmas cake recipe
  • Icing / decorating ideas
  • Healthy recipe options
  • Christmas cake fillings
  • Plus much more…
  • How to keep your cakes moist
  • Why it is vital to understand every aspect of your oven
  • About rack positions
  • The importance of pre-heating and cooking times
  • Plus much more…
Icing & Working With Chocolate
  • About fondants
  • How to use icing colourings
  • About using buttercream icing
  • What ganache is and how to use it on your cakes
  • Plus much more…
Cake Decorating
  • Piping & how to make a piping bag
  • Rosettes & other designs
  • How you can embellish your cakes
  • The best methods for perfectly stacking your cakes
  • Plus much more…
Creating Stands and Displays
  • What the main uses for cake display stands are
  • How to create simple cupcake stands at home
  • About wedding cake stands
  • The factors you should consider when purchasing wedding cake stands
  • Plus much more…
Cake Transportation
  • How to decide if you or the client is going to transport the cake
  • If you have the proper sized vehicle
  • How to determine the correct sized box for you cake
  • Whether you need help carrying the cake
  • Plus much more…
Photographing your Cakes
  • Which digital camera is best
  • The lenses you should use
  • The lighting required for a perfect picture
  • What type of backdrops work best when photographing your cakes
  • Plus much more…
Running Your Own Business
  • What your overheads will likely be
  • How to choose a name for your business
  • The software you need to run a cake business
  • About employees and benefits
  • Plus much more…
Marketing and Social Media
  • How to market your business offline
  • How to market your business online
  • The power a website can have
  • About brand insights and development
  • Plus much more…
The do’s and don’ts & what to do when things don’t go to plan
  • The do’s and don’ts when baking a cake.
  • What to do when things don’t go to plan
  • How to handle complaints
  • How to provide great customer service
  • Plus much more…
Health, Safety, and Hygiene
  • About Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Legal food inspections and how they effect you
  • What your hygiene requirements are
  • What is the HACCP
  • Plus much more…
Accounting, VAT, Tax, Insurance and Record Keeping
  • Why accounting is so important
  • About VAT & other taxes you have to pay
  • About recording keeping and its importance to your business
  • How to keep organised with business licenses
  • Plus much more…
Hiring Staff and Providing Sufficient Training
  • How to find the best staff for your business
  • The best way to interview prospective employees
  • How to train your staff
  • About employee inspection and creating a hand book
  • Plus much more…