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Edge Animate Essentials


By the end of the course you’ll be confidently creating rich and interactive animated content such as slideshows or animated advertisements, that will playback on all devices .

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Take your audio design skills to the next level with our easy-to-navigate online Edge Animate Essentials course that teaches you everything you need to know about how to create interactive content such as slideshows or animated adverts that will work brilliantly across desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Completion of this course will mean that, no matter what platform your creative work is being viewed on, you know it’s being appreciated at its optimal level.

The great thing about e-learning is that, once you sign up for the course, you’re free to access the six comprehensive, interactive study units at any time that suits you, whether that’s at work or during your downtime. You can also revisit and re-cap your learning whenever you feel like it during the generous 12-month period you’re enrolled for. This means your learning is more easily absorbed than it would be in a traditional classroom setting and you can access information on a need-to-know-basis as well as methodically working through the units.

Key Learning Points

You’re already a skilled professional, so let this course guide you through Edge Animate as you progress and gain expertise. By the end of the course you’ll be confidently creating rich and interactive animated content  such as slideshows or animated advertisements, that will playback on all devices including desktops computers, laptops, tablets and all modern smartphones, employing standard HTML, JavaScript and CSS technologies. Discover how to use the complete Edge Animate toolset to lay out and animate motion graphics for websites, mobile devices, digital magazines, iBooks, and more. 

  • In Getting Started, find out what Edge Animate can do, how to install it, opening and saving your first project, touring the interface, customising and saving workspaces to your needs and how Edge Animate compares to Flash Professional.
  • Move on to our Creating Content unit, which covers the Stage & Stage Properties, the Rectangle Tool and Rectangle Properties, transforming Elements, selecting and copying and pasting Elements, aligning and distributing and arranging Elements, exploring the Elements Panel and creating your own Text Elements.
  • In Animating in the Timeline, you can master the Timeline, working with Timeline labels and controls, transition techniques, animating with the Pin Tool, editing Transitions, and Transitions Easing controls. There’s also an introduction to Animation Easing.
  • The Working With Symbols unit starts with an introduction to Edge Animate Symbols then moves on to sections entitled, Creating Symbols, Editing & Animating Symbol Instances, Symbol Editing Mode & Nested Symbols and finally, Building the Clock Animation.
  • Adding Interactivity with JavaScript starts with a section entitled About Adding Interactivity. From there progress on to Elements, Triggers & Actions, Triggering Actions in Other Elements, Stage & Timeline Triggers & Actions and Editing & Deleting Triggers & Actions. Round off with Creating an Interactive Slideshow Part 1 and Creating an Interactive Slideshow Part 2.
  • Complete your new-found Adobe Audition CS6 expertise with our Publishing unit that covers everything you need to know in order to publish the content you’ve created, including accommodating older browsers and closing credits.

Advantages of this course

As the modules move to a more standards-based web it will become a far richer and more expressive platform, and you will be able to produce stunning work with tools such as Adobe Edge Animate.

  • Boost confidence in your Adobe expertise and add a real practical and marketable skill to your CV.
  • Animate the different elements with Auto Transition features.
  • Build and publish basic compositions with shapes, text, images, and SVG files.
  • Trigger actions based on the timeline position or your visitor’s mouse clicks and movements.
  • Incorporate custom HTML, audio, and video.
  • Test yourself as you go along with our handy multiple choice or fill-in-the-blanks style questioning that consolidates your learning and helps you pinpoint weak and strong areas.

Get started today and master the creation of animated, interactive and clear graphics by signing up to our Edge Animate Essentials course today.


Getting Started
  • Introducing Edge Animate
  • What You Can Do with Edge Animate
  • Installing Edge Animate
  • Edge Animate vs. Flash Professional
  • Opening & Saving Your First Project
  • Touring the Interface
  • Customizing & Saving Workspaces
Creating Content
  • The Stage & Stage Properties
  • The Rectangle Tool & Rectangle Properties
  • Transforming Elements
  • Selecting, Copying & Pasting Elements
  • Aligning, Distributing & Arranging Elements
  • Exploring the Elements Panel
  • Creating Text Elements
Animating in The Timeline
  • The Timeline
  • Working with Timeline Label & Controls
  • Transition Techniques
  • Animating with the Pin Tool
  • Editing Transitions
  • Intro to Animation Easing
  • Transition Easing Controls
Working With Symbols
  • Intro to Edge Animate Symbols
  • Creating Symbols
  • Editing & Animating Symbol Instances
  • Symbol Editing Mode & Nested Symbols
  • Building the Clock Animation
Adding Interactivity With Javascript
  • About Adding Interactivity
  • Elements, Triggers & Actions
  • Triggering Actions in Other Elements
  • Stage & Timeline Triggers & Actions
  • Editing & Deleting Triggers & Actions
  • Creating an Interactive Slideshow Part 1
  • Creating an Interactive Slideshow Part 2
  • Publishing Overview & Preparation
  • Publish Settings & Options
  • Accommodating Older Browsers
  • Closing Credits