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As learning disabilities take many forms, staff must be prepared to think on their feet and learn to identify and manage the requirements of each person in their care.The learning disability online training and face-to-face resources listed below aim to raise awareness of the challenges facing people with learning disabilities.

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Learning Disabilities Online Course

Our learning disabilities online course provide candidates with an understanding of the learning disabilities and also an introduction to the challenging behaviors of mental health.

Around 1.5 million people in the UK suffers from learning disability. Although, some learning disabilities are diagnosed at birth (such as Down’s syndrome). Others may not be discovered until the child is old enough to talk or walk. A learning disability affect the way a child or adult learns new things in any area of life, not just at school.

A learning disability may also affects the way a person understands information and how they communicate. For that reason, they may have difficulty to understand new and complex information, coping independently as well as learning new skills. In general, it is thought that up to 350,000 people have severe learning disabilities. It is important to realise that this figure is gradually increasing!

It is also important for candidates to familiarize themselves with the definition of learning disability as well as understanding the different types of learning disabilities and how to deal with challenging behaviors and learning disabilities.

This learning disabilities course will basically help you:

  • Understanding what a Learning Disability is
  • What causes a Learning Disability?
  • Diagnosis and Learning Disability
  • Learning Disabilities and Other Conditions
  • Understanding Challenging Behaviors

Course Duration for this Online learning disabilities course

30 Minutes

Additional Information about this learning disabilities course

Basically, a learning disability can be mild or moderate or severe. With this in mind, some people with a mild learning disability can communicate easily and look after themselves and takes a bit longer than usual to learn new skills. While it may be true that some others may not be able to communicate at all and have more than one disability.

Furthermore, a learning disability is not the same as a learning difficulty or mental illness.