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Level 3 Personal Trainer


The need for fitness instructors and personal trainers will never cease, and as we work towards a healthier, more active lifestyle, the need for the support and guidance of a qualified instructor will help every potential client to achieve their fitness goals.

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Take the first step towards a brighter future and check out our new, comprehensive personal trainer course that will provide you with the solid knowledge base you need to take your fitness career aspirations to the next level. The need for fitness instructors and personal trainers will never cease, and as we work towards a healthier, more active lifestyle, the need for the support and guidance of a qualified instructor will help every potential client to achieve their fitness goals. By signing up to this course, you could be the reason for their success, as well as your own!

Split into Easy to Manage Modules

There’s no need to worry about being overwhelmed with tons of information in one go. The online delivery system ensures you can pick up, and put down, the courseware whenever you feel like it – there are no deadlines and you can take as long as you need. Plus, every module ends with a five-question test to check you fully understand every element.

Sprint into a new career with this invigorating personal trainer course that will have you all worked up and ready to go!

Key learning points

This course is perfect as a base for anyone wishing to pursue a fitness-related career. There are no entry requirements – just internet access and the drive to complete the interesting modules that make up the full certificate. This course is aimed at academic level 3. The courseware teaches students how to set up their own personal training company alongside work within this sector.

  • Learn more about what career options are available, how to become a personal trainer , and what skills you will need to be successful.
  • Gain insight into the subject of the human anatomy, including the various systems that can be related to fitness, including the skeletal, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Learn more about the role of joints and muscles.
  • Understand the link between obesity and illnesses such as diabetes, and what can be done from a fitness and exercise viewpoint, to try and combat these effects.
  • Recognise the importance of a good diet and the necessary steps that should be taken to implement one.
  • Understand how to collect and analyse nutritional data, and how this can help towards developing an ideal diet and fitness plan.
  • Gain the skills required to develop a fitness plan that is perfect for an individual client, including how exercises can be adapted to meet an individual’s needs.
  • Learn more about the role of a personal trainer, and the principles that are associated with personal training.
  • Appreciate the importance of monitoring exercise intensity, and ensuring it’s set at an optimum level.
  • Learn more about how to create a training programme that meets the needs of disabled clients.
  • Get to grips with some of the fundamental elements needed to start your own personal training business.

Advantages of this course

  • Course is delivered solely online – there’s no need to find your local teaching facility; just log in and away you go!
  • Walk away with an end of course completion certificate to prove your new-found knowledge.
  • Comprehensive syllabus broken down into manageable modules to ensure knowledge retention is at a maximum.
  • End of module tests, and 50-question end of course assessment (70% pass rate required) are included, which can be completed at a time that suits you.
  • Experts on hand to help with guidance and support via email, when needed.
  • Improve your chances of a fitness career by getting off to a great start! Job prospects will soar when you have certifications that prove your abilities.

Take the first step off the starting blocks and use this exciting personal trainer course as a springboard to success!

Beginning a career in the fitness industry
  • How to start a career in the fitness industry
  • The skills you need to become a fitness instructor
  • The role of a fitness instructor
  • How much you can earn
Anatomy – the skeleton
  • The functions of the skeletal system
  • The types of bones in the human body
  • The effects of exercise on your bones
  • What happens to the bones as we get older
Anatomy-cardiovascular system
  • About the structure and functions of the heart and blood vessels
  • About the upper and lower respiratory systems
  • About the integration of the cardiovascular and respiration systems
  • The functions of the cardiorespiratory system
Anatomy- muscles and somatotypes
  • What muscles are and how they work
  • About the types of muscles in our body
  • How to keep muscles healthy and prevent injuries
  • About the shape of the human body
Anatomy – The nervous system
  • The main parts of the nervous system
  • The different sections of the brain and how it functions
  • The structure and function of the spinal cord
  • About nerve cells and how they transmit messages around the body
Anatomy of the joints
  • About the classification of joints
  • What synovial joints are and how they work
  • Where the hinge joints are located and their functions
  • Examples of gliding joints and how they work
Obesity & Diabetes
  • What obesity is
  • What diabetes is
  • About the link between obesity and diabetes
  • How they are best treated
Diet and fitness
  • About the types of food our body needs to stay fit and healthy
  • About the 5 main food groups
  • About the vitamins and minerals the body needs to help it function
  • How to have a balanced diet
Collecting & analysing nutritional information & nutritional goal setting
  • About ways to collect nutritional information from clients to help with their diet and fitness plan
  • About the type of information needed
  • How you will use this data to set goals for the client
  • What you need to do to help the client achieve their goals
Encouraging clients to incorporate activity in to their lifestyle & understanding of health benefits
  • About the health benefits of exercising
  • How to incorporate activity in to your client’s lifestyle
  • What you need to consider when adding physical activity to a client’s life
  • The best way to encourage clients to exercise
The effects of exercise on the body
  • The importance of physical activity
  • The effects on the body during and after exercise
  • The reasons for undertaking physical exercise
  • How to improve your health and prevent illness
How to safely monitor exercise intensity
  • What exercise intensity is and how to measure it
  • How best to measure the heart rate
  • How and when to check the pulse
  • How to spot signs of over exertion
GP and exercise referral
  • About the exercise referral programme
  • About the qualifications needed to be involved with the programme
  • The benefits of exercise referral to your business
  • About the patients who may be referred to the exercise programme
Preparing fitness plans for clients
  • How to prepare a fitness plan
  • About adapting exercise plans for the client’s needs
  • The difficulties with creating a plan
  • The standards you should follow as a trainer
Stretching Fitness
  • The importance of warming up and stretching before exercising
  • What happens to your muscles while stretching
  • How to stretch without causing injury
  • How to stretch different parts of the body
Fitness training for disabled people
  • About working with disabled people
  • The benefits of exercise for a disabled person
  • How to design an effective exercise plan
  • Types of exercises for people with a disability
Group personal training
  • About conducting group exercise sessions
  • The qualities needed to run your own group exercise classes
  • How to become a group fitness instructor
  • An example of a group exercise programme
Gym exercising – Planning and Instructing
  • The role of an exercise instructor
  • What the requirements of the job are
  • How to set exercise goals
  • How to design a training plan
An in depth look at personal training
  • The role of a Personal Trainer
  • How to prepare personal training plans
  • The basic principles of personal training
  • The best way to demonstrate exercises to your clients
Outdoor fitness
  • The benefits of working outdoors
  • Some examples of outdoor activities
  • Examples of warm-up activities
  • How to use the outdoors to enhance your workout
Children Fitness and Diet
  • About fitness exercises for children
  • About nutrition for children
  • The benefits of exercise for children
  • How to design a training plan for children
Yoga Instructing
  • How to become a Yoga Instructor
  • Which training course is right for you
  • About Yoga Teaching Associations
  • About the different types of Yoga
Pilates Instructor
  • The essential traits of a Pilates Instructor
  • The principles of Pilates
  • The training required to become a Pilates Instructor
  • Types of certification available
Understanding emergency procedures in a fitness environment
  • The importance of emergency procedures
  • The responsibility of a fitness centre
  • The equipment needed in an emergency
  • What to do in an emergency
Understanding & Controlling risks in a fitness environment
  • About the possible risks in a fitness centre
  • What is considered a hazard
  • Risks of machinery and equipment
  • How to assess the risks in a fitness environment
Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults
  • About creating a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults
  • The responsibilities of a fitness instructor
  • The key principles for safeguarding vulnerable people
  • About the planning and supervision of activities
Setting up your own Fitness or Personal Training business
  • What you need to know before setting up your own fitness business
  • The advantages of a virtual training business
  • The qualities you need to be a successful personal trainer
  • Some tips for a successful business
Customer care. Dealing with enquiries
  • About the importance of customer service in a fitness facility
  • How to provide good customer service
  • How to manage customer complaints
  • About providing quality assurance to your customers
  • About the finance needed to start up your own business
  • About creating a business plan
  • Where to find the funding for your business
  • About the Government schemes available
Insurance and Tax
  • About the tax deductions you can make as a fitness instructor
  • About the types of insurance you will need
  • About the taxes you will need to pay
  • Which bookkeeping software you can use to keep track of your financial obligations
Marketing yourself as a personal trainer
  • Key marketing strategies for your business
  • The different ways to advertise your business
  • About using social media
  • Things to avoid when marketing
Health and Safety
  • How to ensure the health and safety of everyone at a fitness centre
  • How to minimise health and safety risks
  • About the health and safety hazards at a fitness centre
  • About how to plan for emergencies