Mentoring for Mentors Online Course


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Mentoring for Mentors Online Course

Our mentoring for mentors online course helps people clarify their own thoughts on the process as well as develop a model of mentoring that suits their specific context. The course will also provide the opportunity to tune up the necessary interpersonal skills that are essential for successful mentoring.

Mentoring is the act of advising someone in their personal or professional development using your knowledge and expertise. It often goes hand in hand with life coaching, though mentoring tends to emphasize on the development and involves a long term relationship.

Coaching on the other hand tends to be short term and more focused on achieving particular goals or completing tasks. However, you’ll notice a lot of courses listed under mentoring also involve training you in coaching since the two disciplines to go hand in hand. A lot of coaches also do mentoring.


Learning Outcomes
  • Define the concept on mentoring
  • Differentiate mentoring from other forms of staff support
  • Explain the importance of contracting
  • List the essential skills needed to be a mentor
  • Give effective feedback
  • Discuss the pros and cons of offering advice and guidance
  • Demonstrate common methods of problem solving
  • Understand what makes mentoring relationships work well
  • List the common errors of ?helping?
  • State the value of being non-judgmental
  • Explore the value & danger of self-disclosure
  • Challenge in a respectful way



60 Minutes