Safeguarding Children Level 3 Online Course


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Safeguarding Children Level 3 Online Course

By undertaking our Safeguarding Children Practice Level 3 Online Course, you will gain awareness of the risks affecting children’s due to their inability to protect themselves.

There are millions of children who live, work and play in environments where adults provide and facilitate education, leisure, support as well as care.

The term environment includes a wide range of familiar institutions such as schools, colleges, hospitals, care homes, youth organizations and, in addition, the family home.

A wide range of agencies deliver education, care and leisure services to children. Therefore, it is a legal requirement on all such agencies to protect the children under their responsibility.

The effects of harm and abuse can be minimized by raising awareness through programmes of study such as this. It is important to realize that child abuse is illegal and is thought to be more widespread than previously acknowledged.

It is also important to note that whether the abuse is deliberate or not, the abused are affected in the same way.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the legal definition and status of ‘the child’
  • The concepts of ‘child vulnerability’, ‘child protection’ and ‘significant harm’ in order to recognize the signs of vulnerability and gain an appreciation of child protection issues
  • Define abuse and bullying and be aware of the signs and symptoms that indicate the four main forms of abuse
  • Explore the current legislation, guidance and policies that exist to protect children’s safety and well-being in a range of environments
  • Identify both organizational and personal roles and responsibilities in relation to child protection procedures, including disclosure, recording and referral
  • Understand post-referral processes.

60 Minutes