Work in a Person Centered Way – Online Course


Our work in a person centred way online training course will help candidates learn no two people are the same or have the same needs. As a social care worker, you need to provide care that is centred or focused on individuals you are supporting.

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Work in a Person Centered Way Course

Learners will benefit from this person centered care training Online Course because it provides a simplified and straightforward understanding while informing social workers about the requirements and different needs of every patients.

The first thing to remember is that, as humans, we are constantly evolving by the events from our past and present. We live our everyday lives by a set of values that shapes how we think and react.

Our values are forms of beliefs and ideas on how others should behave, which we have developed throughout our childhood lives, family, religion, culture and relationships.

In order to work in social care, it is important for carers to realize that there are certain values which are important and contributes to the care of others in a health and social care environment. This is often referred as the 6C’s – which is a set of values health and social care workers must adhere to:

  • Care: having someone’s best interests at heart as well as doing what you can to maintain or improve their well-being!
  • Compassion: being able to feel for someone, to understand them and their situation.
  • Competence: to understand what someone needs and have the knowledge and skills to provide it.
  • Communication: to listen carefully but also be able to speak and act in a way that the person can understand.
  • Courage: not to have fear to try out new things or to say if you are concerned about anything.
  • Commitment: dedication to providing care and support but also understanding the responsibility you have as a worker.